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Sandy Feet Sand Castle Services has been the number one service for sand castle lessons, beach billboards, and other sand sculpture commissions for 20+ years in South Padre Island. Now, starting June 2019, we are excited to offer these services in Galveston, Texas. Headed by 10 year Sandy Feet veteran, Emerson, join him for a truly unique experience and have more fun on the beach forever.




For newbies young and old

Learn the fundamentals of sand sculpture and have a cool castle to show off in 1-2 hours. All equipment provided. Time and location of your choosing. For groups of up to 10. $100/hr. 1 hour lessons are available for small groups along the seawall, in most other cases 90 minutes or 2 hours is required.


Done this before?

We'll skip the basics and jump right into making something awesome. Don't worry if you don't remember everything, we'll review as we go. Equipment provided, but if you have your own, please bring it! Time and location of your choosing. For groups of up to 10. $100/hr 2 hour minimum


More than 10 people?

It's the same deal, but if we work hard we've got the chance to make something really, really big. All equipment provided. Time and location of your choosing. $100 /hr + $10 per person beyond 10. 2 hour minimum (example: 2 hours with 14 people = $240)


Just want me to make it?

Sand sculptures are a great way to draw attention to an event, add some joy to a party, or even propose to your significant other. I can make a sculpture to fit your needs. Time and location of your choosing. $100/hr 2 hour minimum


Emerson came loaded with tools to teach our group of 10 kids how to built a perfect sand castle. He was patient and our kids--even the big ones loved the experience. Our castle was the envy of the beach all day. Great memories for our kids.

girlmomx3 (tripadvisor)


Thank you! Our lesson with Emerson was an awesome experience and our family really enjoyed it. Of course there was sand everywhere but Emerson was patient and polite. Loved it! Worth EVERY penny.

Chelle R (tripadvisor)


First time to the beach with the children so I wanted to do it correctly! Emerson came out with tools and ready to go! The children were very involved and had fun building. He was very good at getting the kids to understand what to do. Thanks!

Warnita F (tripadvisor)



To book a time, or to learn more, please send me an email, give me a call/text, or fill out the form to the right. Please include a range of dates you will be available.

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